Hurricane Midi Plasmid Prep Kit


Hurricane Plasmid Prep Kits feature a unique binding material, which is able to capture up to 250% more DNA than those used in other leading kits. The simple spin column format of maxi, midi and mini preps means faster and easier protocols with more consistent results. Hurricane kits were designed to isolate large amounts of pure, sequence quality DNA for labs that don’t have time to repeat experiments.

Hurricane Midiprep Kit

  • Spin Column Format takes 60 minutes to complete
  • Up to 150ug from 50-100ml cultures
  • Transfection quality DNA equal to that of any other plasmid prep kit on the market.
  • Typical 260/280 retios >1.8
  • No Isopropanol Precipitations
  • Much lower cost per prep than other kits!

Hurricane Midi Prep Kit

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2 Prep Midi Trial



10 Prep Midi Kit



20 Prep Midi Kit


Protocol (Midiprep) (PDF) - Updated 05/19/05


Material Safety Data Sheets
Solution 1/ Buffer A
Solution 2 / Buffer B
Solution 3 / Buffer C
RNase Vial


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